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Alpha3 Cloud comes with pay-as-you-use pricing with complete transparency. You are free to build your infrastructure and deploy your resources however you like, and we bill you based on aggregated resource consumption. For example, we track CPU, RAM, Storage, and Data traffic every five minutes, and you are only billed for the usage, not the server sizing. You have options to purchase a resource on-demand or subscribe to it or have a combination of these two. You are in total control.

IaaS Pricing & Billing FAQs

Our system tracks your usage for CPU, RAM, Storage, etc., every five minutes and calculates the usage against your subscription amount. For any usage above the subscription level, charges are automatically calculated on a rolling basis on five-minute bursts.

Alpha3 Cloud has 5-minutes billing cycles. Resource usage is tracked and billed every five minutes, and the appropriate balance is also deducted from your account every five minutes.

No. You don’t need to purchase resources in advance. Since we have a short 5-minutes billing cycle, you will be billed every five minutes according to resource usage. If you like, you can opt for a subscription for one month, one year (10% discount), or three years (25% discount).

Our system tracks your usage, and when it goes above subscription level, we’ll simply charge additional usage based on short 5-minutes bursts cycles.

Alpha3 Cloud gives its users the freedom to customize their virtual machines for optimal performance. You can have any combination of server size and virtual cores. For example, for a 10GHz server size, you can have 5 virtual cores of 2GHz or 10 virtual cores of 1 GHz. So based on the application requirements for CPU and throughput, you can completely optimize your cloud servers for performance without upsizing.

We have two options- Subscriptions and Bursts. If you have predictable workloads, you can pay upfront via subscription. You can go for the bursts model for on-demand capacity, where we charge in short 5-minutes bursts cycles. You can combine two models for your resources, and we’ll charge automatically based on short 5-minutes bursts if you go above your subscription usage.

Simply No. We track usage and bill accordingly. So we won’t charge for CPU, RAM, Data Traffic, etc., but persistent resources like storage will be billed.

Yes, you can buy a subscription on top of what you already have based on your requirements.

The transition from a trial to a full account is seamless and straightforward without any service interruption. Just add funds to your accounts after your trial period ends, and you will be upgraded to a full-paying account. Since we separate trial and paying users for security reasons, we recommend that at some point, you clone your drives and restart your servers so that you are completely separated from trial users.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and bank transfers. Your account balance is updated in real-time when funds are cleared, except for the first payment on new accounts (which can take a couple of hours).

Yes. A saved payment method ensures that your subscriptions are auto-renewed and funds are added automatically when required.

Any payment method information is held at the payment processor only. Alpha3 Cloud does not store any information about your cards or other payment methods.

Auto-renewal is disabled by default. However, it is recommended to turn it on for convenience and avoid the manual purchase.

Currently, we have US locations, so we only support United States Dollars (USD).

PaaS Pricing & Billing FAQs

You are billed only for the resources that you consume in your scaling limit. It guarantees you cost-efficiency, and you don’t have to guess how many resources you need to allocate in advance. Actual resource consumption is monitored by the system and boiled accordingly. For simplicity, costs are divided into 4 resources-


Every PaaS container is divided into granular computing units called Cloudlets. It can be reserved or dynamic. 1 cloudlet = 128MB of RAM and 400MHz of CPU.

NVMe storage

It is a standard NVMe cloud storage. There is no limit on IOPS as all servers and containers have access to the required IOPS for high performance. Storage is also charged for what you use on an hourly basis.

Public IP address

You can purchase Public IP addresses for your usage.

Data transfer

Inbound data transfer is free. We only charge for outbound data transfer. However, as you consume more data, the cost per GB comes down with up to 30% discounts.

A cloudlet is a granular computing unit, and our pricing model is based on it. One cloudlet is equal to 128MB RAM and 400MHz CPU. Cloudlets can be both reserved and dynamic. Pricing Reserved Cloudlets are used for expected workloads, and you pay a fixed price for them based on how much you reserve, irrespective of actual usage. The more you reserve, the bigger the discount, up to 30%. Dynamic Cloudlets let you set the resource limit for load expectations, and you only pay for actual usage.

With the combination of reserved and dynamic Cloudlets, you can allocate resources for the predictable and unpredictable workload. You can set the limit for your resource consumption and spending. Also, your cost per cloudlet decreases as you consume more.

Reserved and Dynamic Cloudlets combination example-

Suppose you have a server with 16 reserved Cloudlets (at discounted rates) with a maximum limit of 64 dynamic Cloudlets.

If you use 16 Cloudlets or less, you will pay for 16 reserved Cloudlets.

If you use 48 Cloudlets, you will pay the discounted price for 16 reserved Cloudlets and the dynamic price for 32 Cloudlets.

Reserved and Dynamic Cloudlets combination can save up to 80% of your infrastructure costs.

Detailed information on your consumed resources can be seen in various places in your dashboard:

Our client dashboard has all the information you need about resources at multiple places.

Your monthly budget forecast can be seen in the pricing widget at the environment wizard’s right pane.

Current usage can be viewed in the ‘Usage’ column for every environment. It shows you the current cloudlet and storage usage.

‘Billing History’ section displays all the information related to your billing, invoices, and payable resources in a time frame.

You can view your bills in your Dashboard. Simply go to Billing > Quotas & pricing, and you will see pricing for each resource with discounts. Many full-stack applications are provided free of cost. You only need to pay for consumed resources, not the application. Pricing
We have automated horizontal & vertical scaling with live resizing and don’t require a container restart. In addition, our infrastructure is optimized for zero resource wastage that gives you high-performance, 100% uptime, and no downtime. Pricing
We only charge for the Cloudlets consumption and data traffic. To reduce your consumption, you can simply stop your environment and resources that you don’t need anymore, and there will be no billing. You will only pay for the NVMe storage and purchased IP. Pricing

IaaS Custom Cloud Calculator


1. Set your preferences

Purchase Duration

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2. Define your compute resources

Cost (USD)

CPU/ GHz (1 core = 2 GHz)




NVMe Storage/ GB


Magnetic Storage/ GB


Data Transfer/ GB


Local Outgoing data transfer/GB


Foreign Outgoing data transfer / GB


Static IPs




Disaster Recovery/ per VM per month


Migration/ per VM




* 4 is the minimum amount of SQL licenses purchased.

Total cost0.00

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PaaS Flexible Pricing Calculator

Estimated cost:

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