Unlock the Power of Cloud Services for Your FemTech Startup

Alpha3 Cloud, in partnership with HPE, provides selected applicants with access to HPE-funded cloud services, recognizing the critical importance of preserving capital for FemTech startups, particularly those led by underrepresented entrepreneurs. 

A Refreshing Cloud Alternative for FemTech Startups

The FemTech Founder program aims to support underrepresented founders in growing their businesses.

The program provides eligible FemTech startups with complementary IT guidance, cloud service vouchers, and tailored resources to excel in a competitive market, focusing on ease of use, lowering  cost, and zero vendor lock-in to meet the unique needs of emerging companies.

Female Founders

Transparent Founder Credits

Startup Collaboration

Our voucher-based program offers HPE sponsored startups with in-kind cloud services, funded by HPE and customized to meet their unique needs. This means that FemTech founders can benefit from our state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure, without worrying about the initial significant capital outlay that is typically associated with such services.

  • Voucher credits uniquely tailored to your startup’s stage and needs enabling you to build & scale with confidence.
  • Transparent billing. No surprises or hidden fees. 
  • Speak to a developer focused human within 30 seconds 24/7 – 365. 
  • One-to-one consultation with system architects to help you map our a scalable infrastructure.  

Program Benefits

Transparent and scalable

Alpha3 Cloud on HPE allows you to scale virtual machines (VMs) to your exact requirements. There are no t-shirt sizes or pre-defined bundles. You simply scale your environment to your current demands, with the freedom to burst into additional resources when needed.

Reassuringly simple to use

Hyperscaler tools are complex and hard to manage, but deploying your cloud with Alpha3 Cloud on HPE couldn’t be simpler. New resources can be scoped and provisioned through an intelligent, browser-based portal in just a few clicks. 

“The HPE Diversity Startup program will make a huge impact on Joyuus. Working closely with Alpha3 Cloud, we have gained invaluable IT guidance and access to cloud services, ensuring we can scale as our business grows – securely and affordability. HPE's commitment to promoting diversity and supporting innovative startups is truly commendable, and we're honored to be a part of this empowering program.”

Open and flexible

Built on open standards, Alpha3 Cloud on HPE gives you the freedom to work with whatever tools or operating systems you prefer. This means you spend less time and money retraining your team and can get your data into the cloud without extensive re-formatting. 

Expertly supported

We don’t believe in chatbots, lengthy hold times, or automated support that keeps you going around in circles. Whenever you need assistance, you are connected to a developer-level expert in less than 30 seconds – day or night. Consider Alpha3 Cloud as an extension of your team.

Zero vendor lock-in

With no ingress fees, and a free data egress tier, there’s no need to fear vendor lock-in. We make it easy to migrate your data in and out of the cloud to suit the demands of your business.

Partnering with Local MSPs and Service Providers

At Alpha3 Cloud, we recognize that cloud adoption is crucial for businesses and startups to thrive in the digital age. We work closely with MSPs and service providers to make cloud adoption easy and affordable for their clients. Our partner program empowers MSPs to resell Alpha3 Cloud Services powered by HPE GreenLake, which provides ease of use, 24/7 live support, flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness that businesses need to succeed in the cloud.

By partnering with us, MSPs can leverage our cloud infrastructure expertise, built on top of HPE Greenlake’s industry-leading technology, to offer their clients a competitive edge. Together, we can help businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey, drive innovation, and achieve their cloud goals. Our partnership enables service providers to achieve their business objectives, improve their margins and maintain key account control.

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