Alpha3 Cloud’s Object Storage for Long-Term Data Archiving

Alpha3 Cloud’s powerful object storage system can be used for moving inactive or old data to a long-term storage solution to free up space on production systems while still maintaining accessibility to the data when needed. Through our partnership with MinIO, we provide several archiving features for our clients, ensuring efficient and secure long-term storage of your valuable data.

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Data Lifecycle Management

Our object storage solution, powered by MinIO, simplifies data lifecycle management by allowing you to set up policies to automatically move old or inactive data to long-term storage. These policies help you optimize storage usage on your production systems, improving performance and reducing costs associated with managing large volumes of data.

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Seamless Data Retrieval

While your inactive data is securely stored in our long-term storage solution, it remains easily accessible when needed. Our object storage system ensures seamless retrieval of archived data, allowing you to access and utilize your data whenever necessary, without compromising on efficiency and performance

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Data Durability and Protection

Alpha3 Cloud’s object storage system, built on MinIO technology, provides exceptional data durability and protection. By employing advanced data protection features such as erasure coding and bitrot detection, our platform ensures the integrity and safety of your archived data, safeguarding it against hardware failures, data corruption, and other potential risks.

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Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure

Our object storage solution is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, making it easy to set up and manage long-term storage for your inactive data. With support for popular protocols and APIs, our platform ensures a smooth transition from your current storage solution to Alpha3 Cloud’s object storage system.

Experience the benefits of efficient and secure long-term data archiving with Alpha3 Cloud

Contact us to learn more about how our platform can help you optimize storage usage on your production systems, reduce costs, and maintain easy access to your archived data when needed.

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