Revolutionize Your Cloud-Native Applications with Alpha3 Cloud’s Ampere Technology

Through our partnership with HPE, we now offer the Ampere® Altra® and Ampere Altra Max processors in a cloud-based model, bringing high-performance computing capabilities to our valued customers. Our solution empowers customers to harness predictable HPC, unparalleled scalability, and exceptional power efficiency for cloud-native applications. By leveraging our solution, customers can enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge HPC capabilities without worrying about the infrastructure and maintenance costs associated with traditional on-premise setups.

Predictable High-Performance Computing

The Ampere Altra and Altra Max processors deliver exceptional HPC capabilities with predictable performance. By incorporating these processors into our cloud-based platform, Alpha3 Cloud enables customers to run compute-intensive workloads efficiently, ensuring consistent performance across various tasks and applications.

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Unparalleled Scalability

Our Ampere-powered cloud solution offers unparalleled scalability, allowing your organization to grow and adapt to ever-changing workload requirements. With the ability to scale up or down as needed, you can optimize your infrastructure for your specific needs and ensure that your applications have the resources they need to perform at their best.

Ampere Computing

Exceptional Power Efficiency

Ampere Altra and Altra Max processors are designed with power efficiency in mind, delivering outstanding performance per watt. By utilizing these processors in our cloud-based platform, we provide an environmentally-friendly HPC solution that reduces both energy consumption and operating costs for your organization.

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Cost-effective Cloud-Native HPC Solution

By offering the cutting-edge HPC capabilities of Ampere processors in a cloud-based model, Alpha3 Cloud eliminates the need for costly on-premise infrastructure and maintenance. Our customers can focus on their core business objectives while enjoying the benefits of HPC without the financial burden associated with traditional setups

Experience the power of high-performance computing on Alpha3 Cloud.

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Ampere Computing

HPE Diversity Startup Program

We are excited to announce that HPE is launching a Diversity Startup Program to accelerate and support underrepresented founders. If your startup is looking for an edge to cloud technology to accelerate your data, this is the right offer for you. We provide vouchers to eligible companies to support them with their cloud services.