Enterprise Private Cloud at Alpha3 Cloud

Let us help you scale out your infrastructure! Alpha3 Clouds Private Cloud solutions are powered by HPE Greenlake allowing our customers to design and scale on the latest next gen hardware empowering effortless scalability while enabling high security and price stability.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Enhanced Security

Our Private Cloud Solution allows you to run a hosted cloud on dedicated infrastructure that is not shared with other organizations. This enables companies to implement stronger security measures and protocols, including advanced encryption, access controls, and threat detection and response.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Fully Customized Platform

Through our Partnership with HPE Greenlake, we are able to offer companies customized solutions for their infrastructure to meet their specific needs and requirements. Using the HPE catalog of products and services, companies can choose the hardware, software, and network configurations that best suit their applications and workloads, resulting in improved performance and efficiency.

Enterprise Private Cloud

Increased Control over your Environment

take control over your infrastructure and manage your resources and workloads more effectively. Achieve better cost management and resource utilization by scaling your resources up and down as needed and allocating resources based on specific requirements.

Meet your strict compliance requirements

Maintain your compliance requirements with industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA, PCI, and GDPR. Implement the necessary security and privacy controls to ensure that your data and applications are protected.

Enterprise Private Cloud
Enterprise Private Cloud

HPE Diversity Startup Program

We are excited to announce that HPE is launching a Diversity Startup Program to accelerate and support underrepresented founders. If your startups is looking for an edge to cloud technology to accelerate your data, this is the right offer for you. We provide vouchers to eligible companies to support them with their cloud services.