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Infrastructure as a Service

Flexible, High-Performance, And Secure Cloud Infrastructure On Your Terms

A proprietary cloud stack with unmatched performance at an unbeatable price. Our IaaS solution comes with no restrictions on resource deployments that allow users to build their production environments and services most effectively. The result is a unique, highly customizable, high-performance solution with immediate business value.

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Infrastructure as a Service
Infrastructure as a Service

Stay Agile With On-Demand Scaling

Alpha3 Cloud allows you to combine computing resources such as CPU, RAM, Storage, and Bandwidth with full customization and the capacity you need. Deploy predictable workloads with long-term subscriptions while taking advantage of on-demand scalability for unplanned capacity in a cost-effective manner.

Infrastructure as a Service

Enjoy Top Performance

Deliver the highest performance with our cloud stack powered by HPE’s latest generation of 10GigE infrastructure. Seamlessly stream data at multiple gigabit and avoid network bottleneck for 4K videos, big data run, gaming, and more with telco-grade cloud stack.

Infrastructure as a Service

Choose From Worldwide Locations

Select your desired location to run cloud servers under the most appropriate national legal framework for regulatory compliances. Deploy 100% local infrastructure with low latency and faster load time.

Infrastructure as a Service

Run Your Apps Without Any Modifications

Our cloud infrastructure allows all x86 OS or applications to run without any underlying modifications. Using our proprietary migration tools, you get your workloads up and running in no time with absolutely no changes to your existing infrastructure.

Infrastructure as a Service

Experience No Vendor Lock-In

Alpha3 Cloud allows you to build and deploy applications with full customization, control, and resource provisioning. You are free to choose your favorite tools without being forced to use any vendor-specific tools.

Infrastructure as a Service

Rely On Excellent Customer Support

Alpha3 Cloud’s prompt and attentive customer support is available 24/7 with an average response time of just one minute. It is free for all our clients and accessible through chat or email. In addition, we ensure fast-tracked resolution of critical issues with our strict escalation policy.

A Trusted Cloud Partner

Infrastructure as a Service

High Availability

Alpha3 Cloud infrastructure comes with guaranteed 100% availability of virtual servers, networks, and other computing resources. We ensure this with our strict SLA, continuous monitoring, and complete hardware & network redundancy.

Infrastructure as a Service

High Resiliency

Our cloud infrastructure leverage world-class, purpose-built, Tier 3+ design data centers to ensure robustness and resilience. In addition to that, our data centers are located in strategic prime locations with high-speed communication links.

Infrastructure as a Service

Full Redundancy

We ensure that all your mission-critical workloads and data are replicated with additional resiliency options for reliable disaster recovery and backup.

Infrastructure as a Service

ISO Security Certified Cloud

Alpha3 Cloud is committed to ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy for both local and global computing requirements. We are fully compliant and certified ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, PCI-DSS, along with our strict DDoS policy.

Infrastructure as a Service

Compliance Ready

We have structured our company and cloud servers to be independent by location. That means the deployed infrastructure is 100% local for each cloud location and is subject to local rules and regulations. For example, If you do computing with us in the US, you are subject to US law only.

Infrastructure as a Service

Preferred HPE Cloud Provider

Alpha3 Cloud has partnered with HPE to create a global network of leading service providers and help them deliver world-class cloud services powered by HPE advanced hardware and Alpha3 Cloud high-performance cloud infrastructure.

A Neutral Migration Tool

Leverage our hypervisor-neutral & application-independent migration tool to easily live migrate your on-premise infrastructure or cloud servers 1:1 to Alpha3 Cloud.

Operational Features

Infrastructure as a Service

KVM Cloud

Take advantage of our open-source KVM hypervisor for full virtualization and separation of network traffic between client accounts.

An Elegant API

Make use of our extensive RESTful API to automate and monitor all your cloud operations efficiently.

A User-Friendly WebApp

Our feature-rich and intuitive web app is designed to make resource management easier, faster, and better.

Cloud Integrations & Drivers

Leverage external integrations and high-value partnership offerings from industry leaders such as Ubuntu, OpenVPN, CoreOS, and more.

Security Features

Full Root Access

Only you have full access and control over your data at the file system level. All the customer data is handled by the system, and Alpha3 Cloud doesn’t have any access inside your VMs or storage drives.

Access Control Lists

Use our ACLs for identity and access management of different teams, resources, and resource groups. Segment accounts and give control rights on a need basis.

DDoS Protection

We have a Cloudflare-based advanced DDoS protection system in place and monitor all incident logs proactively. We timely alert our clients when excessive traffic is detected on their IP and assist them throughout the event for quick remediation.

2F Authentication

Take your account security to the next level by enabling Google’s two-step authentication process to log into your console along with your username and password.

Data Encryption

We have options to encrypt your virtual drive fully or partially, along with the ability to connect with your VM using encrypted protocols to ensure server and data integrity.

SSH Keys

Securely access your VMs using SSH key pairs and manage them remotely through the terminal or any other SSH tool.

Infrastructure as a Service

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Infrastructure as a Service