Cloud Hosting Partner
& Reseller Program

Cloud Hosting Partner & Reseller Program

Alpha3 Cloud’s partnership model presents a unique business opportunity with exceptional support and guidance to its partners. Alpha3 Cloud’s Channel Program has helped hundreds of partners succeed with simplicity, trust, and transparency. As a partner, we pay a minimum of 15% lifetime commission for every client you onboard. You will receive a single recurring payment against all the revenue generated from your referred accounts.

Why Alpha3 Cloud Hosting Channel Programs Work

Cloud adoption has become a necessity in today’s modern technology landscape. Cloud adoption enables digital transformation for agility, scalability, and new business opportunities. Furthermore, with accelerated service delivery through IaaS, Paas, and managed hosting, cloud computing helps organizations save cost, time, and effort while getting close to their customers.

If you are an IT service provider, technology consultant, or system integrator, our Cloud Hosting Channel Program will help you take your business to the next level.

Add New Revenue Stream

Acquire a lifelong recurring revenue stream that grows with your customers.

Increase Profitability

Convert customers who want to migrate to the cloud into new opportunities.

Minimize Business Risk

Focus on your core business operations by joining hands with a customer-friendly cloud partner.

Expand into New Markets

Grow your revenue by tapping into new markets and upselling existing customers with self-service cloud offerings.

Alpha3 Cloud Hosting Channel Partner Program

Through our valued partnership, we help you migrate your customers to the cloud and give you a growing lifelong recurring revenue stream. Our partner program is designed to create a win-win situation for you and your customers.

15-25% Lifetime
Recurring Commission

Receive 15-25% commission on the revenue generated by your customers for the lifetime.

Dedicated Partner

Receive 15-25% commission on the revenue generated by your customers for the lifetime.


Track your referred customers, commissions, and payouts on our online portal.

Why Alpha3 Cloud

When you migrate a customer to our cloud, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promises and business-driven offerings to make your customer relationships even more stronger. Alpha3 Cloud enables you to increase your reach, grow revenue, and explore new possibilities while focussing on your core business operations. We take care of the rest.

Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Options

Provide your customers with complete cloud infrastructure solutions alongside your services.

Global Deployment Options

Provide cloud computing, data center, and managed services to your customers globally.

Value-added Cloud Services

Take advantage of DDoS prevention, DraaS, security options, smart load balancing, and more.

High Security

Alpha3 Cloud hosting has a very high standard of security with ISO 27001 certification and full PCI-DSS compliances.

Compliance Ready

Deploy 100% local infrastructure under the most appropriate national legal framework for regulatory compliances.

Highly Reliable

We guarantee 100% availability and uptime of cloud resources with strict SLA policies and protection against downtime.

Customization & Flexibility

Put your resources together as you want and run any x86 OS or application without any modifications or redesign requirements.

Dedicated Support

We are available 24/7 with excellent support and escalation policy to resolve any issue before impacting your business.

Flexible Pricing Models

Save costs with a pay-per-use pricing model and hourly usage tracking. Use long-term subscriptions with on-demand scaling to achieve the best price/performance.

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